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Penang International Airport taxis have their own taxi counter in the arrivals hall, where passengers should ask for assistance.

An airport employee will ascertain where a visitor is heading, before issuing a voucher to the visitor with the correct fare. Once this voucher has been paid for, the passenger takes the paid voucher to the taxi stand. The taxi driver must issue a counterfoil to confirm the journey has taken place, when he/she delivers the passenger safely to their destination. The airport authorities have designed this system to safeguard foreign travellers from unscrupulous taxi cheats, who refuse to turn on the meter or disregard any previous negotiations about price, when their passengers arrives at their final destination.

Passengers not adhering to the above voucher system at the airport should take great care, as many drivers believe Malaysian laws are not applicable to foreigners and are therefore quite happy to cover up the meter under a piece of cloth or pretend the meter is broken. Police officers are not strict enough in their crack down on this type of cheating, but at least taxis Penang International Airport are safeguarded by the airport authority’s foresight.

For the return journey one can either take the bus back to the airport or ask the hotel staff to assist with a reputable taxi company that will not overcharge.

The taxi fare depends on where one stays on Penang Island and there are 7 different zones on the island. Zone 1 costs around 14 Ringgit, while Zone 2 will cost around RM22 and Zone 5 to the capital city George Town will cost around RM38. Passengers should note that during the hours of 12am and 6am they will have to pay a 50% surcharge for taxi services, no matter where they go in the city.

For larger parties wishing to travel by Penang International Airport taxis there are limousine services available which can take up to 8 passengers at a time. The service costs around RM 85 (around £16.00) for a typical journey between the airport and Batu Ferringhi. Depending on traffic this journey will take around 45 minutes to complete.

Some operators of taxis Penang International Airport allow passengers to pre-book online, in which case there is no hassle over fares, since the passenger can show the printed out confirmation to the driver in the event of a dispute arising. To negotiate a set fee the taxi operator requires the confirmed flight number for flights scheduled to arrive between 07.00 hours and 22.00 hours and a confirmed hotel reservation. For pick-ups outside the aforementioned hours passengers must typically pay at least an additional RM35.00.

Hiring a reputable taxi firm for a whole day doesn’t cost a great deal and is ideal for sightseeing in style. Tours can also be made by chauffeur driven taxi into the mainland, but again passengers should beware of just picking up a taxi in the street. Asking the hotel staff to help with arrangements will be much safer.

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